Friday, 18 February 2011

Playing the Game : Truth and Lies : Can you Guess?

My twitter friend Annie Bella [@anniebella21] sent me this challenge (don't you just love friends like that BOL).

So here goes. We have to start with the Rules, very boring, but that's the way it is.

1. You must proudly display the graphic created by Nayomee @tattooed_mummy. Its presence in the award celebration is apparently crucial to the 'memetastic' process she is creating here. (Just like Hamish and Annie Bella, I haven't the foggiest what Memetastic means.. answers on a postcard please).

2. You must list 5 things about yourself, and 4 of them MUST be bold-faced lies.

3. You must pass this award on to 4 bloggers that you know.

Here goes.

1. I do not like tripe. This is a packet of frozen tripe... bleaghh.. it's horrid.
2. I meet up regularly with my siblings. This is me with two of my brothers before we went to our forever homes.

3. My daddy is a helicopter pilot. Doesn't he look handsome in his yellow outfit standing next to the funny looking helicopter that's got a great big boil on its face!

4. I have a white hair on my chest.

5. I once ate a whole chocolate easter egg and had to go to the vets to have my stomach pumped out.
Can you spot my friend Shelby in this picture?

Anyway, that's my five statements... can you guess which one is the truth?

Now, I'm going to pass this challenge on to:

Shawnee the Shepherd - she goes on absolutely fabulous walks and has done lots of adventurous things that I can only dream about!

Jazzy da Cat - I know she spends a lot of time lying in front of a radiator but she also has a secret life..

Bad Andy - Because he's a great Bad Cat!!

Zack Rabbit - needs no introduction, we've all seen his fabulous cooking show.

Wiggle - world famous Wiggle and his sister Sofy


  1. Wow that's tricky! I think that the last one is true. I can't believe you don't like tripe? That would be an offal waste!

    1. BOL actually No 4 is true, I do have a white hair on my chest, or I did back when I did that post! Heck, didn't you believe my daddy is a helicopter pilot? I think that would be an exciting job for a daddy!