Sunday, 17 April 2011

The boys

They're Welsh you know, so I you have to read this with the right accent. When I walk down Bagwood Lane this is what I see.

And by the time I reach the gate they're really excited to see me!

We all have a bit of a wag fest saying hello and having a sniff

Today their dad came over and said hello too & gave me a bit of an ear scritch :)


  1. They look nice chaps! When I stay at M&D's I often go for a walk past the house of a dog called Jesse. He likes to bark at me underneath the fence - I think he quite likes me really!

  2. Hi Teagan, you're sooo pretty! Were those flatcoats you said hi to, they've got the tail wag just right, as have you by the looks! Nice to meet you, Dex & Louis x

  3. Hi Dex & Louis, thanks for stopping by... one's a flatcoat. I've known them for yonks now and I still don't know their names, isn't that terrible. Sometimes we meet in the field but usually they're behind their garden gate.
    See you again soon xx