Wednesday, 3 August 2011

It's Tripe Delivery Day!!!

Well, the doorbell rang this morning and I just knew that it was the Parcelforce man for me!! I could smell him walking up the pathway.
We rushed to the door and that was the box!! Huge isn't it!! Here it is opened up and I'm just checking the contents against the delivery note.

Mmmm all present and correct, 5kg tripe, 3 bags of chicken necks and a bag of Rinti - I haven't had that before but mum thought I could try it as a mixer with my meat as it sounded very good. I tried a few taster pieces and thought they were great.. they're sort of a bit green, like small nuggets of solid horse poo! There was also a free first aid kit from Zooplus. Go check it out,

I always get taster bits to try when mum unpacks the box.

It's truly delicious. If you haven't tried tripe, you really don't know what you're missing.

Look, here is my tripe tub that mum's just refilled with fresh stock...

And here it is a little closer...
And here it is again closer still... mmm you can almost smell the rich tripey scent.